Boothless Solutions for Cinema Exhibitors

Simplify cinema design and construction with our easy to install "Boothless Cinema Kits". Quickly transform any room into a cinema hall with state-of-the-art equipment you can trust!

#1 Boothless Cinema Solution


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Our features

RISE of the Laser Pod

Easy Equipment Access

Unencumbered ground level access. Easily raise and lower equipment platform with the simple push of a button.

Simple Implementation

Fully in-field adjustable, great for popup constructions, or existing cinema retrofit. We enable any room with the necessary elevation for projection.

Universal Laser Pod

Maintain a luxurious world-class look with our universal laser pod kit. Features various ventilation options for digital/laser projection, and custom adaptations.

Safe & Reliable

Engineered for the highest safety and load rating in the industry. Features platform stability, precision travel and automated controls.


The Future is Boothless

Streamline Construction
Simple Installation & Service
Maximize Seating
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