Everything Cinema Installs 13 Lifts at Arclight Santa Monica

Everything Cinema Installs 13 Lifts at Arclight Santa Monica


Arclight Cinemas was created in the early 2000’s by Pacific Theaters to offer a premiere movie-going experience. Amenities such as bar and restaurant, gourmet concessions, and stadium seating with spacious leg room, are just a few of Arclight’s innovative offerings. They also ban advertisements before screenings, features big budget blockbusters, welcome art house movies, and feature festival films.

Arclight, known for its real estate picks, and for establishing successful multiplexes in coveted locations, has found its next project at Santa Monica Place in the beach community of Santa Monica. Situated only steps away from the Santa Monica Pier, the theatre will occupy 44,250 square feet on the third floor of the mall, just above Bloomingdale’s. Santa Monica Place was originally designed by architect Frank Gehry and opened in 1980. It underwent an extensive multi-million dollar remodel starting in 2007, which gutted the inside and removed the mall’s roof, turning it into an indoor/outdoor facility. This winning location is teaming with tourists and people soaking up the west coast art vibes.

Due to limited space and weight constraints, Arclight has proceeded to move forward with DPS boothless cinema lifts for their new 14 screen multiplex. Not only does the exhibitor need to maximize seating capacity, by using boothless, they also need to be able to easily plug into projection equipment during film festivals. DPS’ automated controls easily allow projectionist to lower and access projection equipment in between films.

Arclight Santa Monica will feature 14 screens, one with 35mm projection room for classic films, and the other 13 equipped with DPS Cinema Lifts. Arclight’s use of boothless technologies has allowed them maximize seating space, reduce construction cost, and complete installation in a few short weeks. The installation was headed by Scott Hubbard from Everything Cinema, and was completed in accordance with California construction code (some of the most stringent).

This boothless installation, comes in tandem with another Arclight project happening in Chicago in New City, due to open later year.

Roberto Guerrero
11 Jan 2022
5 min read