First "Boothless Cinema Lift" in the Middle East

First "Boothless Cinema Lift" in the Middle East

LARGO, FLORIDA— As part of an aggressive business development plan, NS Industries with its DPS Lifts division, has introduced the first booth-less cinema lift in the Middle East. Now being featured at the new Grand Cinemas Verdun in Beirut, Lebanon; the DPS Lift is NS Industries’ first proprietary product outside of the marine industry.

Headed by VP Business Development, Roberto Guerrero, DPS Lifts will be the first booth-less cinema lift to market in the Middle East. “We have an unparalleled product both in safety, functionality, aesthetics, and reliability,” Guerrero explains, “For this reason we are seeing significant interest from the Middle East, and from clients building the highest quality, most luxurious, innovative, and technologically progressive projects.” Booth-less cinema concepts have been in development for years, but the DPS Lift is the first system engineered-to-order, with the sole purpose of being the comprehensive solution for booth-less cinemas.

NS Industries, Inc., is an engineering and manufacturing firm with a reputation of listening to clients’ needs, and responding with innovative solutions. “We are experts in building robust lifting and displacement equipment for the marine industry, and our product niche is for on-board the world’s largest mega/super yachts,” Guerrero stated. “However, over the years we have serviced customers across various industries, providing reliable custom solutions for unique applications.”

The DPS Lift was engineered by special request for a client from the cinema industry. “Our client needed a cinema projector lift that met the safety, aesthetic, functionality, and reliability factors for modern cinema construction projects” Guerrero explains, “He kept emphasizing the need for a system that could not only lift the projector , but also had a platform steady enough to not rattle it out of alignment. The machine needed to accommodate wiring, ventilation, and equipment, while being sound-proof and air-tight. It also needed to be very safe, without manual intervention for operation, and equipped with fully automated controls. Most of all, the machine needed to be aesthetically beautiful and blend in with the auditorium, contributing to an overall world-class experience.” DPS Lift are currently featured at Arc Light Cinemas in California, Chicago, and Maryland as well as Grand Cinemas in Beirut, Lebanon.

“This year I discovered the DPS Lift, a new booth-less system, engineered by NS Industries, which attracted me and made me decide to install in my new 11 screen complex in Beirut, Lebanon. The installation was properly managed and executed by an NS technician, and was the perfect decision for a smooth lift with a soundproof cabin. We did not lose any seats, and maintained the world-class look of all our Grand Cinema complexes. I invite all cinema exhibitors, in need of a booth-less system, to use the DPS Lift!”

-Salim Ramia, SR&CO, Grand Cinemas

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Roberto Guerrero
11 Jan 2022
5 min read